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Club Rules

(AS AT 11 June, 2009)

The name of the association shall be the Hawkes Bay Four Drive club, herein referred to as 'The Club'.


(a) To promote a social organisation or club composed of persons owning or interested vehicles of a four-wheel drive nature and their users.

(b) To promote assistance and guidance in matters of maintenance, running and driving vehicles.

(c) To arrange runs, tours, trials, rallies, gymkhanas, lectures and discussions, social functions, exhibitions and displays, competitions, motor car and/or motor cycle races, and general meetings.

(d) To protect by all lawful means the interests of members against legislation and/or competition conditions considered being unreasonable or unjust by a majority of members.

(e) To provide a garage for the use of members, engage room for purposes of a club, purchase lease or otherwise acquire any property real or personal and erect any building, borrow and raise money upon mortgage of any such property, sell, lease, or exchange or otherwise deal with the funds of the club in furthering these objects, execute all papers and documents, and generally to do all such things as may be to the benefit of the members, and in the interests of the club.

(f) In furtherance of any or all of the forgoing objects to co-operate with and appoint delegates, representatives or nominees to any other bodies or organisations or groups of such bodies which may be from time to time approved by the Committee of the club.


Membership shall be open to all persons desiring to actively interest themselves in the activities for which the society is being incorporated.

At the discretion of the committee, prospective members shall be entitled to partake of three active runs or outings before deciding to become members or officers. It is the responsibility of the host member to ensure that the visiting vehicle complies fully with rule 18:

(a) Application for membership must be lodged in writing accompanied by the required membership fee, proposed and seconded by financial members of the club. Final acceptance to be at the discretion of the club.


(a) The committee of the club shall be the President, Secretary, Club Captain, Treasurer and 4 elected members.

(b) All officers and committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

(c) The duties of the committee shall be generally to administer the affairs of the club and to furnish a report at each AGM on the working and activities of the club during the proceeding year. The committee may appoint sub-committee's to carry out any particular duties as may be deemed necessary. The committee shall have the power to enforce the club rules and take such disciplinary action as may be necessary to enforce them.

(d) It shall be the duty of the secretary, in conjunction with the treasurer to keep correct minutes of all meetings and a complete roll of all members, to conduct all correspondence, to receive alimonies due to the club, to pay all debts contracted by it, to keep proper books of account, and to furnish to each AGM a duly audited income expenditure account and balance sheet. Furthermore, it shall be the secretary's duty also in conjunction with such other committee member(s) as the committee may decide, to maintain a proper inventory of all club properties, assets and their location, a proper inventory of all club trophies, awards and their holders and locations and a schedule of details of insurances on all such club trophies and awards. It shall be the secretary's duty to ensure, in conjunction with the committee, that all such insurances are renewed and maintained as maybe from time to time necessary. The secretary shall ensure that all recipients of club trophies shall give a receipt for these in a properly maintained trophy receipts book. The secretary shall also, in conjunction with such other committee member(s) as the committee may decide to maintain a roll honour and a results book, wherein shall be entered the full results and technical data (times) etc. Relating to all competitive events arranged and organised by the club.

(e) The committee shall meet as required. The secretary may, with the approval of the president convene a committee meeting.

(f) Two thirds of the elected committee members personally present shall form a quorum at meetings of the committee.

(g) The secretary may, with the approval of the president, convene a special meeting of the committee of the club to consider any important business and the secretary shall upon requisition in writing signed by not less than 10 members of the club convene such a special general meeting.

(h) Seven clear days notice shall be given or an AGM and at least three clear days notice of a special general meeting, special committee meeting, of an ordinary committee meeting, providing that where an ordinary monthly meeting be held on the usual night for such meetings, such monthly meeting, or the business transacted here at, shall not be invalidated by reason of three clear days notice not having been given. Notice of any meeting may be given only by written information posted to members at their last known place of address.

(i) At all meetings, either of the committee or club, each member shall have one vote, which must be given personally, the chairman, in cases of equal voting, shall have a casting vote in addition to his deliberative vote.

(j) At all meetings where nominees are to be elected as officers of the club, or as delegates to another organisation, or for any similar office, all such elections shall be by secret ballot, and official voting papers shall be provided for such voting purposes. No vote shall be valid unless cast on the official voting papers provided. At all committee meetings the president and secretary shall act as referees or scrutineers in such elections. At all general meetings two scrutineers shall be appointed by resolution of the members present prior to the commencement of voting for such election.

(k) In the event of any member of the committee failing to attend three consecutive meetings, and not furnishing an explanation in writing which, by the resolution of the committee shall be accepted, his office shall be declared vacant and the secretary shall notify him of his having ceased to hold office. The committee may then receive nominations for election of a successor, then proceed to elect such successor.

(l) At each AGM an auditor shall be appointed and shall be awarded such remuneration (if any) as shall be decided from time to time by the committee and it shall be the duty of such auditor to audit the annual accounts of the club and to certify that having been compared with the books, vouchers and accounts related thereto, they are found correct.

At each AGM a solicitor shall be appointed and shall be awarded such remuneration (if any) as shall be decided from time to time by the committee and it shall be the duty of the solicitor to carry out any enquiries which may be requested by the committee, advise the committee from time to time as may be requested, and generally to act in protection and on behalf of the club as may be necessary.

(m) All monies received by the club shall be paid into a banking account kept at a bank approved by the committee from time to time and cheques and bills drawn on the club's banking account shall be signed by any two members of the committee.

(n) The committee shall be empowered to enlist by co-option for any purpose the services of any members of the club to fill any vacancies which may occur in its body or any of the sub-committees, excluding that of President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Club Captain, in which case a Special General Meeting and an election shall be held.


There shall be a common seal of the Club which shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary who shall affix it to such documents as the committee from time to time by resolution direct, provided that such seal shall not be affixed except in the presence of two members of the committee who shall sign the document.


The financial year of the club shall commence on the first day of April in each year and shall end on the last day of March the following year.


(a) The AGM shall be held within two months of the start of the club's financial year and ordinary general meetings at such time and places the committee may appoint.

(b) Ten members personally present shall form a quorum at all general meetings of the club.

(c) All delegates or representatives of the club on other bodies or organisations shall be elected at an AGM or general meeting.


Annual subscriptions shall be levied on all members at a rate of $60.00 per annum or such other sum as may be fixed at any AGM. All subscriptions shall become due on the first day of April each year and shall be paid no later than 31 May of that year, failing which unfinancial members as at 1st June shall cease to be members, provided however that the committee at its discretion may waive this rule if, in its opinion good reason can be shown by the member for such default.

Founder members who have been financial since the club's inauguration shall be life members and any member who has been a financial member for 25 years are eligible for life membership. Life members are required to pay their New Zealand Four Wheel Drive affiliation fees to the club treasurer, if they want to be affiliated to the national body.

The club may bestow life membership on any person for outstanding service to the club. Nominations for this honour must be made as per remit rules.

Family membership shall consist of the financial member, partner and dependent children up to the age of 16. A family membership is entitled to only one vote.


(a) Each financial member of the club shall be supplied with a membership card, which shall be renewed annually at the commencement of each financial year; such cards show the name of the holder, the date of issue and the date of expiry.

(b) Every member shall be entitled to the use of a vehicle sticker at cost.

(c) Stickers must be taken off when the vehicle is sold or membership ceases.


The committee shall be entitled to admit as honorary members of the club for a period not exceeding one calendar month, such persons as temporary visitors to visit the area in which the club carries out its activities, if such visitors are, in the opinion of the committee actively interested in the clubs activities. The committee may, at its discretion, extend the privilege of participating in club events to financial members of other care clubs. Visitors who pay the day membership fee to participate in a club event will be deemed financial members of the club and the national association for that day only.Day members will not carry any voting rights.


(a) Upon written complaint of one or more members a member may be admonished or his membership suspended by the committee for such period as may be decided where the committee, at a duly convened meeting, has decided by a two thirds majority vote that such member has been guilty of conduct injurious to the welfare or character of the club. Such written complaint must have been given to the secretary within one week after the occurrence complained of.

The committee shall notify to him in writing the charges made against such member at least seven days prior to such committee meeting and a full opportunity to be heard shall be given at such meeting. Such notification shall indicate that the attendance of such member at that meeting is mandatory unless written indication of the reasons for his inability to attend be presented to that meeting and that failure to comply with the terms of such notification may result in his case being determined in his absence.

(b) Annual subscriptions shall be payable during the period of suspension and the club shall not be required to make any refund of subscription in connection with such suspension.

(c) By the same procedure the committee may expel any member of the club for conduct, which they deem, shall warrant this penalty.

(d) Any member who has been expelled from the club under the proceeding clause (c) of this rule shall not be eligible for re-election to membership until six months after the date on which the secretary shall inform him of his expulsion.

(e) In the event of any member being, in the opinion of the committee, guilty of reckless, dangerous or negligent driving, that member may be disciplined under either of proceeding clauses of this rule except, that it shall not be necessary for written complaint to be made by one or more members of the club.


Any member may resign his membership by delivering a written resignation to the secretary.


All members of the club shall be held to consent to and be bound by all these rules. Throughout these rules, words importing the masculine gender shall be taken as including also the feminine gender.


No addition, alteration, amendment or revision of these rules shall be made except at an AGM or at a special general meeting, or at a special general meeting called for the purpose of so adding to, altering, amending or revising these rules. All notices of such meetings shall state the purpose for which the meeting is called and shall include in full all details of the additions, alterations or amendments to be proposed. Seven clear days notice shall be given on all such meetings called for the purpose of adding to, altering, amending or revising these rules and all such notices shall be given the secretary in writing to every member. Upon any addition, alteration or amendment of these rules by resolution of such meeting of members it shall be the responsibility of all members of the club to amend copies of these rules held y them so as to bring them up to date and include such additions, alterations or amendments.

Except where such additions, alterations or amendments in the opinion of the committee be so extensive as to necessitate complete reprinting of the rules, in which case the committee shall clearly undertake such procedure at the meeting, such reprints shall be made and circulated to all members without delay.

All proposed remits must be publicised at least 30 days prior to the AGM in the club magazine.


No alcoholic liquor shall be consumed on any trip or outing unless the prior consent of the committee is obtained.


No firearms shall be carried in or on any vehicle on any trips or outings arranged by the club.


(a) The club shall from time to time publish a newsletter.

(b) The position of editor may be an elected position but in the event that the position is not filled it shall be the responsibility of the committee to publish or cause to be published a newsletter from time to time.


All vehicles taken on organised club runs must conform to the following standards and have the following equipment.

(a) Current warrant of fitness or equivalent and registration are not compulsory, but vehicles without registration or warrant of fitness must be up to rally scrutineering standards and can be checked by a club official on any club run.

(b) Towing hooks shall be fixed to the vehicle in an easily accessible position the correct way up. The correct way up is with the free hook end uppermost. If due to vehicle design a tow hook cannot be mounted as described in rule 18b, the tow hook must be fitted with a spring type retaining clip.

(c) To carry a spade or shovel.

(d) A fire extinguisher.

(e) First-aid kit to be carried.

(f) Tow rope to be carried.

(g) The HB4WD Club as a safety conscious organisation strongly recommends roll over protection ne fitted to al club vehicles participating in club activities. Safety is the responsibility of the individual owner/driver and vehicles must be suitable for the conditions expected on the run.

(h) When a 4x4 run specifies mud grip tyres, tubes must be fitted to non bead lock rims. Bead locked rims may run tubed or tubeless.

(I) That a maximum trye size limit of 35 inches (or metric equivalent) as marked by the manufacturer on the tyre only be permitted on all club vehicles to participate in club activities.(those members who currently have tyres marked larger than 35 inches be given a period of grace to use that set until worn out)Dated 17.9.2009


During any club event it is compulsory that a minimum of lap & diagonal or full harness seat belts be worn . Both must be in good conditon and worn correctly. It shall be at the organiser's discretion to make the wearing of crash helmets mandatory in any part of the event which the organiser thinks fit.

Unrestrained people are to be kept off the back of open deck vehicles.


The club shall not dissolve except by special resolution passed in accordance with the provisions of Section 24 of the 'Incorporated Societies Act, 1981' and upon winding up of the club the assets shall, after payment of all liabilities, be disposed of in such manner as the club at a general meeting of its members shall by resolution decide.


Any or all of these rules may be varied at the committee's discretion.