PO BOX 1423 Hastings

Trip/Convoy Rules

Alcoholic liquor may not be consumed on any trip or outing unless the prior consent of the committee is obtained.

Firearms may not be carried in or on any vehicle on any trips or outings arranged by the club.

Dogs are not permitted on any runs arranged by the club.

No rubbish is to be left behind , you take out what you take in.

Respect for the property owners land , gates , buildings etc is essential .

Gates are to be left as they are found. At a closed gate, the first vehicle behind the trip leader should pull over to one side and wait for the last vehicle to pass through, close the gate then fall in at the back of the convoy.

Always keep an eye out for the vehicle behind you , such as stopping at intersections on tracks so that nobody gets lost or left behind , or in case they need a tow or other form of assistance. If need be stop and wait for the vehicle to catch up.